v2 API - Create New Incident


(Swateek Jena) #1

Very much new to PagerDuty eco-system. And I need help, since the documentation is not helping.

I want to create a new incident from my app, the document V2 - Create Incident mentions usage of id for service, priority, escalation policy, etc.

How can I get the ID for the same?

For my POC, I picked it from the URL. But is there somewhere else where I can pick it up from?

(Swateek Jena) #2

So, I figured out an approach.

I realised that an API to URL - https://api.pagerduty.com/services along with YOUR API TOKEN will give you the details of the service you have created.

That and the simple incident creation body on this documentation page - Create Incident - V2 helped.

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