"User Contact method must be unique" error


(Chris Woodfield) #1

I’m attempting to add a second phone number to my profile so that I can add it to my notification rules. However, when I try to do so, The error “User Contact method must be unique” is shown and the second phone number is not accepted. See attached screenshot. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here, or is this a bug?

(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Chris,

The only scenario that I’m aware of which would cause this error is if the number you’re trying to add there is the same as the number already listed in your Contact Information, to the right of “Phone” in your screenshot. Does that happen to be the case for you? If not, are you still unable to add this number to your user profile?

(Chris Woodfield) #3

Hi Malcom - the number I’m attempting to add is different number from the existing one (the numbers are blurred for privacy, but I can confirm that’s the case). Can you look to see if there’s any invalid data in my profile that could be triggering this? Thanks!

(Malcolm Konner) #4

Hi Chris,

We wouldn’t be able to look up your user profile in the same way we could had you emailed into Support. If you can reach out to the team there, we’d be happy to take a deeper look into this. Please let the team know what phone number you’re trying to add into your user profile too so that they can try to reproduce what you’re experiencing, which I also wouldn’t want to ask you for here.

I’m confident the team will be able to get to the bottom of it!

(system) #5

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