Upgrading a ServiceNow App With Manual Changes


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:information_source: Update: If you have modified any part of the integration app, please contact PagerDuty support prior to upgrading.

The following above only applies if you are upgrading by manually uploading and applying the update set. If you have modified any component of the integration app, upgrades for all modified components will be held back, with no option to discard local customizations. This will result in the app being in a broken state due to some of the script components being at an earlier version that is not compatible with the components that were upgraded to the new version.

Update Process

If you are upgrading to version 3.5 of the PagerDuty integration app, and have modified any of the script includes, you might notice the following message or something similar when you upgrade by manually uploading the upgrade set:

You will be able to review the conflicts by clicking to preview the changes;

If you see this, and you’ve manually hotfixed bugs as instructed by PagerDuty support, you should select Accept Remote Update.

If you have customizations that do more than fix bugs, it will be a much longer and more involved process, but let us know if you have any questions about how the integration works!

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