Unnecessary Notification events are generated for older incident

Actions performed

  1. Create Post Incident request to PagerDuty via Postman Runner , Set Iteration count to 3 , which means 3 incidents are created in PagerDuty very fast.
  2. Once we performed above activity, then we load all audits and we found lots of notification events in that response, we observed that Notification event is generated for older incident for which there is nothing requested on our side.

Can you please help us to understand this behavior why older incidents are having Notification event triggered when creating new incidents in PagerDuty?


Thanks for reaching out on Community. Since this request will require us to look into your account and Service settings, can I ask that you create a private ticket with support@pagerduty.com, including some links to your account where older Incidents triggered.

We can then take it from there!


Thank you for you reply, I had done email for this and provided all the requested details over there, we can continue communication on email now for this issue.

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