Unable to dynamically set PD alert severity based on given event


My requirements are simple: PD receives alerts from Pingdom and Prometheus, I want the PD incident/alert priority (the field that determines the notification method) to be set according to the input field.

I hit a wall on any path:

  1. Service-level event rules didn’t work for me with APIv1
  2. There almost no docs about Proemtheus/Pingdom with APIv2. For example, PD integration doc with Prometheus has one sentence about using it with APIv2
  3. Same issue with global event rules (my ideal solution), found almost no docs about using Proemtheus/Pingdom with APIv2

Your help will be highly appreciated



You should be able to use global event routing with Pingdom by using this URL (and inputting your global event routing key):
https://events.pagerduty.com/x-ere/{ YOUR GLOBAL-ROUTING-KEY}. There are details about integration with Prometheus in the Guide.
Currently you can use the Severity field to determine the urgency using the Event Rules. The Incident’s urgency is what determines the method of notification as you have notification rules based on High or Low Urgency rules.


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