Tiger Teams or Rapid Response Teams


(Sam ) #1

How can I build a Tiger Team or Rapid Response team that is built from multiple PD teams

Example: Major Incident occurred and its a frequent flyer involving Teams X, Y, and Z.

I would like to set up TIGER TEAM XYZ which has teams X, Y, and Z as users.

So now when i trigger an incident to TIGER TEAM XYZ the tool will go to each team and notify the on-call resource about the bridge.

Thoughts or has anyone had any luck creating a similar communication plan. PD do you have plans to add features like this in the future.?

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Sam,

We do have plans to add a new “organizations” structure, which will add another level organizational hierarchy. Each organization could have multiple teams.

Also, in regards to auto-assigning incidents to many people and organizations at once, we are nearly into the early access phase with a new automated response mobilization “macros” feature that might help you achieve this.

This new feature will allow configuring the same sort of operations one can perform from the Response tab on an incident to happen automatically when the incident is first triggered, i.e. requesting response assistance from a broader team of individuals. Let us know if you would like to try it out in your PagerDuty account! We expect it to be ready for granting early access next week.

(system) #3