Tell us how you are using the PagerDuty EventBridge integration!

:jack_o_lantern: It’s spooky how fast the year goes by! Halloween is next week and before you know it AWS re:Invent will be here. PagerDuty will be at booth #2616 in Vegas showcasing our integrations with AWS, including our latest with AWS EventBridge. Looking forward to meeting folks in the community who are attending! In the meantime, we’d love to hear what tricks (and treats) you’ve come up with using the new integration. Tell us about some of the use cases you’ve configured using EventBridge or are planning to implement in a comment below.

I attended AWS Summit 2019 NYC on July 2019, where EventBridge was first announced with PagerDuty as one of its launching partners. Since then, we have been creating tons of EventBridge configurations.

We are really focused on leveraging EventBridge for self-healing alerts, and also automate communication of issues.
For a known type of event that causes customer-facing issues, we send those alerts to an unique service in PD, send to EventBridge, which fires off a Lambda that queries our configuration database to get a list of impacted customers, sends the list of customers as an annotation back into PD, and also acknowledge the incident. The incident acknowledge triggers another EventBridge-Lambda trigger, which calls AWS CLi commands to recover the service, then sends out a service disruption notification including the list of impacted customers. Once the event is over, and the incident is resolved from the integration API, it triggers another Lambda via EventBridge to send out an “all OK” notification.

Another use case that we implemented is for analytics purposes. Even though we use PD’s analytics tools, we want to extrapolate more info. We have performance alerts for each specific customer that gets generated from our APM tool. We send it to PD, and via EventBridge add an entry to a Serverless Aurora RDS db. We then use AWS Athena to query and create meaningful reports on customers that are facing performance issues.

Hope this helps!


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