Sync PagerDuty Acknowledgements\Resolutions to Icinga2


(Brandon) #1

How can I sync PagerDuty actions to Icinga2?

For example, if Icinga2 triggers an alert in PagerDuty, how can I make it so that acknowledging (or resolving) the alert in PagerDuty will acknolwedge (or resolve) it in Icinga2 as well?

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Brandon,

It looks like Icinga2 has a method of accepting and running external commands, similar to its ancestor, Nagios.

Thus, in theory, it should be possible to do this using (for instance) a PHP or CGI script that ingests webhooks from PagerDuty and creates external commands for Icinga2 to run, much like the one used in the bidirectional Nagios integration.

This has not been done in practice yet, but given the interest, we can investigate.

(system) #3