'Sup? From Queens

I’m an internal medicine resident physician, I get between 10-40 pages a day. A friend gave me a pagerduty sticker and I’d like to give some to my fellow residents.

Hi Logan! :wave: That’s awesome! Out of pure curiosity - are you still using physical pagers or do they utilize some other type of alerting hardware?

Both. We have physical pagers and we use an app called “Cureatr” that displays the same pages on our phones as well as allows HIPAA-compliant text and photo communications between users.

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That’s wild, thanks for sharing! Does the pager communicate with the app as well or are they silo’d systems? (just curious)

I’m not sure I can fully answer your question being on the user end of both systems.

I can say that the pager can only receive pages.

The Cureatr app will receive the same pages and can also send text/picture messages to other Cureatr users. NB: These text messages will not show up on the user’s pagers.

So I wouldn’t say the systems are silo’d so much as the pager-system is “read-only” by the Cureatr app.

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Thanks, cheers!