Suggestion: notify whether incident is closed or escalated away

Background: I was on call the other week. I heard a PD alert on my phone, but by the time I was able to get to it and check, I didn’t see the alert any more. I figured that the incident had cleared itself already (we have some that are like that). But what had actually happened was that the incident had gotten escalated to the next person. It would have been good to know which one it was!

Suggestion: When an incident assigned to you is closed or escalated away, you should get some kind of sign of this in the mobile app. As it is, both result in the same “GOOD NEWS!” screen, and to find out what happened you have to go digging around manually.

You can configure a status update notification in the Notification Rules tab of your user profile to be notified of changes like this. These notifications can be configured to alert you when an incident assigned to you is acknowledged, resolved, or escalated.

If you prefer not to configure this type of notification, you could also refer back to the SMS or email notifications you received to track down the incident number. Hopefully one of these ideas helps!

Thanks, that’s very helpful! Is it possible to configure that across all users, or an escalation policy, or anywhere other than on individual user accounts?

Hi JD,

User’s Notification Rules aren’t currently able to be updated on a bulk basis by any means in the Web UI. I can appreciate how you’d like to have the ability to do that in the case you see the value of this rule being set up on all users’ profiles and furthermore, would like to take the action of having it set up for all of them.

We will certainly take this feedback in for how we can better support such bulk updates to users’ Notification Rules

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