Status "Resolved (Merged)" is not being set


(Dmitriy Vinogradov) #1


When I merge several incidents (for example, 1, 2 and 3), and move all alerts from all incidents in the group into one (let it be 1), I suppose to be able to distinguish between the resulting incident (with all alerts, 1 in my case) and all the rest (without alerts, 2 and 3).

What I see, is that sometimes that incidents without alerts are labeled with “Resolved (Merged)” status, and sometimes they are not. In fact, I have only seen the “Resolved (Merged)” status once.
In fact I would prefer to be able to delete incidents without any alerts in them, since they only lead to clutter.

Can you please clarify - is it possible to somehow mark empty incidents in the list or delete them completely?


(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Dmitriy,

I would expect Incidents 1, 2, and 3 with alerts to all have the same Resolved (Merged) status on the Incidents page. From what testing I’ve done, I am not seeing this same status on the Alerts page, if you’re looking at the correlating alerts there and hoping to see the same messaging.

We currently don’t have the ability to delete incidents. The closest option we have, which is more for the reason of deleting sensitive data within an incident is to redact it. I provided a link to Incident Redaction resource if you’re curious to learn more about that option:

We would also be happy to relay your feedback over to the product team in regard to wanting to see incident deletion be an option.

(Simon Fiddaman) #3

When I merge Incidents with Alerts (in your case; 1, 2, 3), I will always have Resolved (merged) for 2, 3 and Resolved (once it’s been resolved) for 1.

You can see this in the Service history list, i.e.

If you’re in the Alerts tab as @Malcolm suggested, everything is either Triggered or Resolved -

Note that basically all PagerDuty reporting is based on Incidents, and High Urgency Incidents at that. You will lose a lot of reporting visibility if you would be able to delete Incidents, and you won’t get the same kind of reporting details if you’re only looking at Alerts (e.g. number of Incidents assigned to a user, etc.)

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