Status changed to Acknowledge is not giving option of "Unacknowledged"


We have used the following link to change the status of an incident from “Triggered” to “Acknowledged”!/Incidents/put_incidents_id

This changed the status to “Acknowledged” but it is not giving an option of “Unacknowledged”. It is still giving an option of “Acknowledge” See in this image:

Following is the update query:
“incident”: {
“type”: “incident_reference”,
“status”: “acknowledged”

Can you please update us for this ? is something missing in the query?

Thank You


Hi @Sonal1, you can find the Unacknowledge option under the More Actions dropdown in the incident. Here are our docs on unacknowledging incidents.


Here the question is not regarding how to unacknowledged the incident, but the question is even though we changed the status from “Trigger” to “Acknowledge” using REST API that is still giving an option to “Acknowledge”. Kindly check the following image:

So why this is behaviour with REST API? IS anything missing to provide in API?


Hi @Sonal1, thanks for that additional context. I wasn’t able to reproduce this; in my testing, when I acknowledge an incident via the REST API, the acknowledge button in the incident disappears almost immediately. I’m wondering if the page is perhaps stale and thus unresponsive. If you are seeing this behavior more often and would like us to investigate, please send the incident details to us as and we will take a closer look.

Thanks we will raise this in, what do you mean by incident details? What all things do I need to mension in as incident details.

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