Spring 2019 Community Update


(Jonathan Curry) #1

It’s almost Spring time (well, in the Northern Hemisphere anyways :earth_asia:), so we thought we’d give the forums a little tune-up to make things easier to find and use. Here are a few of the changes we’re introducing in the PagerDuty Community now, what you can look forward to in the future, and how you can share your feedback.

What's New

  1. :card_index: Reorganized Categories

  2. :building_construction: New Category Sidebars

  3. :white_check_mark: Official Tags with Icons

  4. :+1: Voting on Topics

  5. :new: Prominent New Topic Button

Reorganized Categories

We’ve moved things around to make it clear what you’ll find in different categories, and where you should post to get help.

  • Support & Training has been renamed Using PagerDuty, and now only contains our official training/onboarding material, including our videos and best practices. You can no longer create new topics in Using PagerDuty as this category is now dedicated to content created or curated by our Customer Success team. All user-generated content that was in Support & Training has been moved to new categories.

  • We created a new Support & Feature Requests category for PagerDuty questions and feature requests. FAQ and Integrations & Extensions are now part of this new category. These categories are all actively monitored by our Customer Support team, so rest assured any questions about PagerDuty will be answered ASAP!

  • Since projects may utilize multiple PagerDuty APIs, Events API, Custom Event Transformers, REST API, and Webhooks have all been merged into the Developer category. Now when you start a new topic, simply add a tag for the API(s) you’re using: #events-api, #transformers, #rest-api, or #webhooks.

New Category Sidebars

In addition to simplifying our forum categories, we’ve made it easier to find related resources and tags in each category by adding new sidebars to the most popular areas of the forums. For example, the new Developer category sidebar links to documentation, API tags, and even offers a quick primer on our APIs:

Official Tags with Icons

Have you ever wondered if something you’re looking at in the PagerDuty Community has been vetted by anybody? Good news – we’ve made it easier to identify vetted content with the #official tag. Only PagerDuty Community admins can add #official to a topic, and you can be sure you’re looking at the real tag by looking for a green checkmark directly in the tag:

Voting on Topics

Want to share your support for a question, feature request, or community project? Now you can upvote topics in certain categories, like Support & Feature Requests, Integrations & Extensions, and Developer. Just click the green Vote button at the top of the topic page to add your support. You can even click the number to see who else has upvoted the topic!

Prominent New Topic Button

We heard that it’s not always clear how to make a new post in the PagerDuty Community, so we’ve moved the New Topic button up to the top right on the site header. This button is present on every page now, so it’s easier than ever to start your new forum thread.

Coming Soon

We have more improvements in the works, including additional UX enhancements, and a new community recognition program for our most active and helpful members. Stay tuned for more updates. :grin:


What would you like to see in the PagerDuty Community? Simply reply to this post to let us know what you think about the Spring Update, or create a new topic in the Meta category to let us know what else you’d like to see in the forums. We’re all ears! :ear: