Solarwinds - Monitoring Applications Instead of Nodes

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to pager duty and while they did supply a well written guide on how to set up and monitor nodes in Solarwinds and even provide sample alerts, it does not show how to monitor Applications.
I was able to modify the supplied Alert for Nodes to monitor Applications, except for when it logs it.

Has anyone had to modify this to get it to work with Applications, or did you write your own?

Thank you in advance.

Attached is the Sample Alert they give you:

“service_key”: “{SQL: SELECT Nodes.PDIntegrationKey FROM Nodes WHERE NodeID='{NodeID}’}”,
“incident_key”: “{NodeName} Down", "event_type": "trigger", "description": "Node {NodeName} is {Status}", "client": "SolarWinds", "client_url": "{NodeDetailsURL}”,
“contexts”: [
“type”: “link”,
“href”: “${N=Alerting;M=AcknowledgeLink}”,
“text”: “Acknowledge in SolarWinds (Does not ack in PagerDuty)”

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Hi Erik,

I can see that this issue has been addressed in the ticket you raised
with the Support Team.
I will be closing of this now.


(Erik Powell) #3

Will I receive an email/notification when this gets implemented?
Do we know an ETA on how long this will take?

I was hoping to get some community feed back for it since I have no way to track the progress with the Support Team.

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Hi Erik,

To give you some insight into our feature request process, when we submit a feature request, it creates a request to our Product team to review and consider for planning and development.

Unfortunately we do not have ETAs around feature requests, but you can reach out to support at any time with the ticket number of your feature request and we’ll be happy to check on the progress internally for you.


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