Solarwinds ipMonitor Email Integration


(John) #1

I am currently setting up an older system from Solarwinds called ipMonitor which there is currently no integration for.

I am trying to set this up with email integration.

I would like to have Pager Duty notify us of any down notifications from ipMonitor. Which is working.

When an up notification is received from ipMonitor I would like the down notification to be cleared. Which is not working. What is the setup for this type of scenario.

(Jimmy Perry) #2

Hey John,

Something to help with your current question might be this article about email management rules.

Using those rules with the up and down emails should help you achieve your desired results.


(John) #3


I have tried a number of combinations with no luck.

I have tried regular expressions and contains.

I have also tried with slashes as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(Jimmy Perry) #4

Hey John,

If you wouldn’t mind, may I get a screenshot of your email integration rules or the subdomain of your PagerDuty instance to take a closer look?

(John) #5


I was able to get my two types of messages to clear with my IP Monitor Email Integration.

See below.

(John) #6


This will catch my up/down at the end of the subject and I also have FAIL/UP at the beginning of my subject in the email messages as within ipMonitor you can customize messages.



(Jimmy Perry) #7


I’m glad you were able to figure that out on the ipMonitor end of things!

This will be super helpful if someone else comes across the same issue.

Thanks for the insight!

(system) #8

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