sms alert with "res'd" -- already resolved?




I received an sms with the following format (partial):
ALRT #1234 on myAlertName (res’d): alertMessageText…

This was for an alert which was immediately resolved via the API. I’m configured to receive resolves through SMS but neve did for this alert. My question: does the “res’d” in parenthesis mean that this alert has already been resolved but PagerDuty is notifying me anyway?


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Thanks for reaching out!

Are your notification rules currently configured to notify you immediately when an incident is assigned to you? I looked into this and the res'd part of the message is a key indicator that the SMS was an “info” message. To clarify, “info” messages would be notifications for one of the rules configured under “When any of my high-urgency incidents change…”. Based on this, it sounds like this may have been the resolve SMS you have configured to send out.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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