Slack slash command — i'd like to pass values with the command


(Keith Dixon) #21

Gents: success. Bless you.

One last thing — anyone aware if Rigd bot can help me OPEN a NEW INCIDENT with a pagerduty team? as in…

Rigd new pagerduty incident Scoop front-end


(Justin Griffin) #22

Glad to see it works out for you. Please let me know if you have any other info you want to see when you get the on call details.

I don’t think anyone has asked to create an incident from Slack, but it should be easy enough. We’ll take a look and get back to you.

(Keith Dixon) #23

ideal use case:

[…in slack, user enters…]

new pd incident

[…and rigd responds…]

which team would you like to create the incident with?

[list all teams, with button to ‘create new incident with this team’]


[…in slack, user enters…]

new pd incident TeamX

[…if rigd finds that specific team, it responds…]

would you like to create a new incident with TeamX?

[with button, ‘yes, create new incident with TeamX’]

(Justin Griffin) #24

Thanks Keith,

These details are very helpful. Here is a few comments, based on the current PagerDuty API.

  • A service is required when creating an incident
  • You can add a user assignment as part of the creation or specify an escalation policy

The escalation policy is pretty close to the ask for a team, however, teams can have multiple escalation policies, so it would be difficult to ensure reliable mapping of team to the desired escalation policy. The ideal way based on the API would be to use a service.

Do you think that would work in your case? So you would do something like …

“new pd incident [service name]”

They built a version of this in our Dev environment, here is what it looks like.

(Keith Dixon) #25

terrific! – justin, i think this nails it. we do have services set up that could be identified this way.

at this point, i feel all of my integration questions have been answered, so i think this thread can be closed.

deeply appreciate all the customer-centric thinking everyone has kindly shown here. much appreciated!

(Justin Griffin) #26

Glad to hear we could help Keith.
FYI The create pagerduty incident activity was released to production today and the team also added it to the list PagerDuty services activity.

If you need anything or have a question you can always get support from RigD by using the tell RigD activity.

(Nick) #27

Hi Justin,

This looks really interesting! Based on the video on the rigd for PD page, I see it has this functionality:

  • List existing PagerDuty incidents
  • Acknowledge new PagerDuty incidents
  • Work the incident collaboratively (could you describe this one in a little more detail?)
  • Get a digest on a PagerDuty incident (ie a summary of everything that’s happened in the incident)

Am I missing anything?

(Justin Griffin) #28

Hi Nick,

There is a lot RigD does to speed up and automate troubleshooting and the overall incident management process, but these are the Highlights for PagerDuty specific activities.

  • List existing PagerDuty incidents via command, in a feed channel, or direct Slack notifications (e.g. Slack as a PagerDuty notification method)
  • PagerDuty Incident Lifecycle Operations (Acknowledge, Snooze, Assign, Escalate, Resolve)
  • Incident Information Activities (Incident details, Alert details, Incident logs, and Incident notes)
  • Incident Response Activities (Add Note, Update Status, Add Responders, Run Response Play)
  • Work an incident is a special activity that creates a dedicated Slack channel, adds to it any incident assignees, responders, subscribers, then captures the activity in the channel applies some machine learning to and then to adds it to a digest
  • Get PagerDuty Digest provides a postmortem like report on all the Incident activity that occurred for an incident that was “worked” through RigD
  • Service activities for listing services, getting on call, listing outstanding incidents, and creating a new incident
  • team activities for listing teams and getting on call

(Wayne Greene) #29

RigD is hosting a webinar on Dec 11 where you can see all the capabilities. Registration is here: .

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