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(Doug) #1

Please add support for event contexts as slack attachments. I know this has come up multiple times before but the previous threads are closed and nothing’s changed.

Given the content of these are images and links I can’t see what the hold back is. This frustrates many oncall engineers on my team as they don’t have immediate access to information delivered to pager duty made available in the slack notification that comes from pager duty.

This is really making my team consider skipping pager duty and using the system that pings pager duty now to just ping slack directly and avoid just pager duty.

(John Baldo) #2

Hi Doug,

We are working on an update to our Slack integration. As you mentioned, others have brought this up before so we’ll definitely be taking it into consideration.

Would you mind if we followed up with you directly either for more feedback or to try out our latest improvements?

Thanks for taking the time to write us,

(Doug) #3

Absolutely. Are you able to estimate how soon it may be available? I would be very interested in working in tighter integration with my serverless plugin

(Chiedu Uraih) #4

Hi Doug,

Presently, there is no details as to Timescales. As soon as all
of that is well worked out and the feature is set to be deployed,
it will be published.

Apologies we do not have more details at this time.

Thanks for reaching out.


(system) #5

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