Skype In numbers

Does pager duty support calling Skype In numbers?

I’ve added both a Skype In number (0203) and my mobile number. Using the test notification it doesn’t appear to call my Skype In number but it does call my mobile.

Can’t confirm this in the ‘live’ usage as the only recent downtime I’ve acknowledged before the first call happens.

UPDATE (As the topic has been closed)
It looks like you can disable the dial x to be put through on the settings page for the Skype In number… There is a toggle box which is selected by default Allow Skype to block unwanted calls. When I unchecked it our office phone no longed asked the question. Haven’t tested it yet with PD

Hi there,

We can take a look into the logs for calls that may have not come through, however, our logs go back only around 72 hours so ideally it would be best to have a recent example we can look into. Are you able to trigger a test incident for us to refer to?


My notifications are

Immediate: Email and Push
3mins: Call Skype
5mins: SMS
10mins: Call mobile

Turned a server off and all notifications, bar the Skype, worked.

Just tried a manual Skype call and it’s asking for a digit to ‘connect’ the call, which it wasn’t when I initially wrote this post, so could be that Skype are having issues at the moment.

Well, it looks like Skype may have implemented a ‘feature’ that will probably now break this


It sounds like you may need to follow up with Skype to see if this feature can be disabled as the PagerDuty automated call lacks the functionality to enter a number after calling.

We’ll be happy to further troubleshoot any notification issues you have beyond this. Since this requires some information specific to your account, please feel free to email and we’ll be happy to take a look at any examples.

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