Shift Start/Stop Notifications


(David Wright) #1

I’ve noticed that if we don’t use the default 24 hour support period, the number of notifications about going on/off call is unrealistic / spammy. Basically if you use 23 hours, you end up with one email about going off-call, and one email going on-call each day. Is there a way to setup notifications on “Shift Start/Shift End” instead? If not, which forum do I need to post this in as a proposed new feature?


(Monica Hom) #2

Hi David,

Are you using the “Restrict on-call shift” on your schedule? If so, is that not working well for you? If you would like to propose a new feature, please email with details of your request.


(David Wright) #4

Correct, I’m trying to use the “Restrict on-call shift” option. But, we end up with too many emails. I’ll go ahead and send an email to


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