Setting up global event rule for API based event

I’m looking for help configuring a global event rule that routes an API event from one service to another. When I look click " View Message" on the event, I see a message like below:

  "client": "equilibrium",
  "event_type": "trigger",
  "service_key": "<key>",
  "details": {
    "uuid": "f933c9cb-6f9d-4b25-8f61-379d043db5e8",
    "target": "Database Size",
    "tags": [
      "Disk Space",
    "producer": "db-producer",
    "message": "running out of disk space"

I want to redirect to a different service based on the service_key, producer, and target fields. My rule has the following conditions:


Unfortunately, the event rule is routing to the other service. Am I using the wrong field path?

Hey John! Can you confirm if you’re routing the events to the Global Event Routing key that’s in Configuration -> Event Rules -> Incoming Event Source? You can learn more on how to route events for Global Event Routing here. Feel free to send an email to so the team can look into your account and help troubleshoot.

Nope, that explains it. I didn’t realize the events had to be routed to a special global key. Thanks for the help!

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