Setting up a Non regular schedule


We have a non regular schedule, but I’m not able to set it up on PD. We have like 5 days in, 4 off, 4 in, 5 off, 4 in, 4 off. Is there any way we can set this up?

Maybe importing it from another document?

Hi @AGonzalez,

That sounds more like a working roster than an On-call Schedule - i.e. following a single individual for their working week.

A Schedule in PagerDuty will always result in one “answer” at any time - i.e. no matter how many people you populate a Schedule with you’ll always find a single person provided as the result for that Schedule.

I’d be happy to help if you have some more information about what you have and what you’re trying to achieve with your scheduling in PagerDuty.


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@simonfiddaman is right: PagerDuty schedules are designed to be on a regular rotation, so there isn’t a way to set up a schedule quite like that. It sounds like your best bet would be to create a blank schedule and create overrides on it, as outlined in this post:

If you would like to add in multiple overrides using PagerDuty’s REST API, here are some scripts that can help with this:

Hi Simon.

Thanks for the reply. We are trying to actually populate the working roster than an on-call schedule. I managed to do it with overrides, but requires constant updates so not sure if it will be ideal. Thanks anyway!

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