Set incident urgency or priority from event severity

I would like to set incident priority or urgency based on Event severity. I don’t see any way how to do this.
It should be possible according to this post: Adding priority to events created with the Events API V2
There is also this post where the guy has exactly the same problem as me: Set incident priority from event severity
The resolution of the later problem is about the pricing plan. I have a Team plan which should have priorities included. Or do I need other plan / addon?
Thank you

Hi @vlastimil-dolejs, I would recommend using our global event rules feature to achieve this. If you’re not familiar with this feature, it allows you to send events to a single endpoint, and then parse the event that is received to determine which service it should be routed to. This feature also allows you to set priority and severity to your events as they come in:

These features are available on the Team plan. Note that in order to see the options to set severity and priority, you first need to select Route alert to a service in your event rule, and then select a service. You should then see options to set both the severity and priority appear.

Severity can be mapped to set the urgency as outlined here - note that you would need to configure your service to use alert severity to have the severity set the urgency this way.

I hope that helps!

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your recommendations. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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