ServiceNow sending double emails since PD integration

(Liam Barksdale) #1

Ever since we integrated PD and ServiceNow, we now receive two identical notifications out of SN for Pri 1 and Pri 2 incidents. For assignment groups that did not get integrated with PD, it’s even worse. Every communication on a Pri 1/2 incident gets a double notification, and we are certain it’s caused by the PD integration. Has anyone else run into this?

Liam Barksdale

(Jade Paoletta) #2

Hi Liam,

Just to clarify - are you seeing the duplicate notification from ServiceNow, or is a single incident in ServiceNow creating multiple incidents in PagerDuty?

By default, this behavior shouldn’t be happening - we would recommend checking your business rules to see if there is any custom logic that may be causing this flow. Additionally, we would recommend properly mapping your Assignment Groups to PagerDuty.

(Liam Barksdale) #3

Thanks Jade
The duplicate notifications are coming from ServiceNow, because PagerDuty integration is writing comments to the ticket.
We didn’t customize any Business Rules, and our Assignment Groups are properly mapped to PagerDuty.


(Jade Paoletta) #4

Hi Liam,

Thanks for confirming that information.

We’d be happy to investigate further - could you email us at


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