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Very new to PagerDuty so still getting my feet wet, I have been asked to put together an integration between our ServiceNow instance and PagerDuty with 2 Way communications.

I have followed the integration guide which got me a fair ways in, I created a new Service using
“Events API v2” as the " Integration Type" which is using the Escalation Policy I created, this is emailing our dev instance ok and logging an incident as a Guest.

I now want to get my 2 tickets talking to each other, the YouTube channel for PagerDuty is years out of date when watching the integration video, hope this gets updated soon, where would be the best place to look\start?

I have also noticed my PagerDuty Priorities are not refreshing, I have nothing showing in the impact, urgency or priority drop downs, I did go to configuration -> Incident Priority Settings and enable them, all connections are returning 200 status.

This is my first integration so currently circling the deep end of the pool… minus the sharks.

Hi @Bored_Panda, PagerDuty actually uses an extension to sync with ServiceNow and not an integration. I would recommend going through the steps in this part of the guide to set up the configuration in PagerDuty and in ServiceNow.

Regarding mapping PagerDuty priorities to ServiceNow, you would need to make sure that they match the priority IDs in PagerDuty. In ServiceNow, you can click Priorities in your configuration menu (type in priorities in the quick search). Then click New to add in a priority mapping.

You can get your PagerDuty priority IDs via our REST API. Priorities in ServiceNow are determined by an Impact Urgency Priority Matrix, so you can select the Impact and urgency, and the ServiceNow priority will be determined automatically.

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Thank you for the reply,

Yep, that piece has all been done with the details copied over to ServiceNow, here are the results when I test the API connection:

Not sure what that “Usage analytics send failed” is about but the connection is successful.

I seem to be restricted to a single image in a reply at the moment…

So in terms of “priorities”, this is what I see:

But the selection is empty:

Am I meant to create these myself?

Hi @Bored_Panda, glad to see that you are getting a 200 response in the test. The Usage analytics send failed isn’t relevant to this test, so it can be ignored. The 200 response is the important thing here, as it indicates that ServiceNow can hit PagerDuty’s API.

As for incident priority, it looks like the original link I posted to ServiceNow’s impact matrix moved, so I updated it in my last post. The idea with this mapping is that ServiceNow has three different settings (Impact, Urgency, and Priority) that map to a single field in PagerDuty (Priority), so you can configure it as needed. If you’re not sure how to set these, here is an example you can copy:

Well this is interesting, just did a configure directory on one of the fields and the choices are already there to be selected… I just can’t select them

Hi @bored_panda,

As for the priorities, are you trying to select them without setting up impact and urgency? Priority depends on the value of impact and urgency, which are set on ServiceNow. Please let us know more details on what you’re looking to achieve with the priorities. If you can provide a screenshot, highlighting the issue you’re facing, that would be beneficial.

Tanjid Islam
Technical Support Engineer

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