ServiceNow Integration Error


(MJ) #1

I have created incident inside ServiceNow and assign to group which has associated PagerDuty Service. When I click on submit button PagerDuty incident is not generating.
Getting error:

  1. triggerIncident error: Incident INC0010131 assignment group Unisys Test does not have a PagerDuty Webhook ID value
  2. getValidEmail error: Invalid current user sysid, using default
  3. createServiceWebhook error: 2100: error: Not Found:Service Not Found

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi MJ,

It sounds like the service inside the PagerDuty account may have been deleted. Do you have access to the PagerDuty account that the ServiceNow instance is integrated with, and can you log in and check?

If the service associated with that assignment group is no longer there, then what you’ll need to do is re-provision, as follows:

  1. Modify the assignment group dictionary entry and disable the read-only flag from the fields “PagerDuty Escalation”, “PagerDuty Service” and “PagerDuty Webhook”.
  2. Modify the assignment group, removing (setting to empty) those three fields
  3. Provision the service by clicking on the button in the view of the assignment group

If you still have the escalation policy previously associated with the assignment group, you can set the PagerDuty Escalation field to its ID. It should be in the URL when viewing it in PagerDuty using a web browser; it should be a string of uppercase alphanumeric characters beginning with P.

Hopefully that helps!

(Fareed) #3

Hi Demitri, Do you know how I can validate if the account still exists?

(geeth) #4

If you’re looking to confirm if a service is still available in your PagerDuty account, you would want to obtain the Service ID which you can view in ServiceNow and verify if it’s still in your account as a service ID.

If you’re having similar issues regarding incidents not appearing in PagerDuty from ServiceNow, I’d recommend going through our troubleshooting steps as this post was in relation to an older version!

(Demitri Morgan) #5

Hi Fareed,

One can check if that is the case by attempting to log in. There will be a conspicuous message indicating the account is inactive/deleted/etc. if that is the case.

(system) #6

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