ServiceNow integration create PagerDuty incident not working depending on assignment group

I’m trying to get the ServiceNow integration working. In particular, when I assign a ServiceNow incident to specific groups (and priority is 1 or 2), I expect a PagerDuty incident to be created. So far, I can only get this working for one ServiceNow group, and no matter what I try, I can’t replicate it for another ServiceNow group. I’ve even tried copying the values of the PagerDuty integration fields from the working group (PagerDuty escalation, PagerDuty schedule, and PagerDuty team) to the group I am trying to get working. But no luck.

I’ve read through the trouble shooting guide regarding this topic but I’m coming up empty.

My ServiceNow to PagerDuty mapping is set to “Configuration Items and Assignment Groups map to PagerDuty”. The escalation policy is set in the group and able to be opened from ServiceNow. The “Default PagerDuty Service ID to use if Configuration Item is not mapped” is set because it is working with the successful group.

Clearly, there must be some other conditions or settings at play because it should have worked when I simply copied the PagerDuty integration values from the working group to a failing group.

I need more help than what is in the trouble shooting guide on this issue please, thanks.

HI Christopher,

Thanks for reaching out on community! To help with this please raise a ticket separately via Community is an open forum so we wouldn’t want you exposing any potential confidential info. If you can add any screenshots of your set up and a copy of the error/log files that would be great too.


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