ServiceNow and PagerDuty Priority Sync issue

I have an existing support case open, but throwing it out to the community in case someone else has experienced this particular issue.

Priority 2 Ticket is opened in Service Now and Assigned to Group A
–> Ticket is linked to PagerDuty and Assigned to Escalation Policy A
Group A team member performs triage and updates priority to Priority 3 in ServiceNow Ticket. Upon doing this the following (expected) actions occur;
–> Ticket gets automatically moved to Assignment Group B with the new Priority (Priority 3).
–> Linked PagerDuty Incident also shows updated Priority (P3) and new Escalation Policy (B)

Almost immediately, the PagerDuty integration user changes the Priority back to 2 which causes a High Urgency notification to go out to the new Escalation Policy, which is not what we want. The ServiceNow ticket also shows the (over written) updated Priority.

Our Priority Mapping is such that a P1/P2 will be High Urgency, and P3/P4 Low Urgency, meaning that when a ticket is downgraded in priority, ideally it would notify the new Escalation Policy by their low urgency notification methods. But since the downgraded priority is erroneously getting over written, it is paging them via High Urgency, since it got reverted back to P1/P2.

This seems to happen at random, with no real consistent way to reproduce it. The Business Rule “PD Update Priority” has an order of 50 so it should be firing first, but somewhere along the way it gets triggered again.


I believe I have narrowed this down to a couple of business rules which are colliding.

The “PD Update Priority” and “PD Group Policy Assign”. You can see from the attachments when PD Group Policy Assign rule triggers first it has the undesirable behavior in that the priority gets overwritten.

What’s strange is I have set the PD Update Priority to order 50 (Group Policy Assign is 100) yet Group Policy Assign it still triggers first, on occasion. When I disable this Business Rule entirely the behavior stops, but then the PD incident doesn’t get reassigned when the SNow ticket moves assignment groups.

Any advice to avoid this collision or troubleshoot further? Essentially I need the priority update to always trigger first.

For anyone following along, we put a fix into the PD Group Assign Policy business rule. It sets a sleep timer (5000ms) at the start of the script. We also moved that rule to be order after 1100. We are no longer seeing the issue.

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