Service now incident downgrade <> PD incident ?

I recently got PD integrated with SN where only specific P1’s for specific assignment groups are sent to PD, but what happens now is when they downgrade the severity of the SN incident, the following is posted in the SN incident and the PD incident remains at P1 severity. All we want is P1’s in PD so the optimal action would be to just resolve the PD incident if possible. I don’t have access to the SN side so I am stuck in the middle trying to figure out how it could work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Work notes•

12-09-2019 14:07:23

4d ago

PagerDuty error during priority update: Priority id cannot be empty.


Thanks for reaching out on community. As this seems like we need to do more digging, and we don’t want you sharing sensitive information in a public space, please follow up to with the incident you are referring to and the Servicenow error logs.

  • In ServiceNow, type in PagerDuty in the filter navigator search on the left side
  • Navigate to Configuration → PagerDuty Settings
  • Scroll down and set Logging verbosity level to debug
  • Reproduce the original issue in the account
  • Navigate to PagerDuty → Support → Logs
  • Make sure you set the view to 100 per page. You can CTRL+F the incident ID’s to be sure that the log contains those details.
  • Copy and paste everything into a CSV (preferred) or text file with the behavior reproduced.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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We are also experiencing this issue, where if we downgrade a Pri 1 or 2 Incident to pri 3 or 4, we continue to get paged. The message that appears in the journal in ServiceNow is:


Work notes (internal only)•

2019-12-17 13:39

PagerDuty error during priority update: Priority id cannot be empty.

Thanks Liam, if you can follow up with the support team directly in the same way I asked below, that would be great and we can take a look.


Unfortunately I don’t have access to the admin side of our ServiceNow instance. I’ll just have to relay this information to see if they can engage PD support and get it figured out.

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