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Hello. A part of my infrastructure uses the Events API (v2) when an anomalous event occurs. Currently, when multiple anomalous events occur, a single incident is created, and a single alert is created (as they all have the same dedup key). The only way to see the fact that multiple anomalies exist is to check the Alert Log. I would instead like to create multiple alerts under the same incident. How can this be done?

Edit: It looks like the product doesn’t currently support this, and that the only solution would be to create multiple incidents and later merge them. This is sub-optimal. A possible solution: return an incident ID after POSTing the event. Future alerts could specify that incident ID in future POSTs, thus allowing multiple alerts to be created under the same incident without merging. This has the additional benefit of not requiring two separate API keys.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. At this time, the only way to make multiple alerts is to send events with different dedupe keys. Then you could use a feature like Time-based alert grouping, or similar incidents (early access) to group the alerts under a single incident.

I hope this helps; however, if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to so that we can troubleshoot in your account.


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@ghaw I had the same issue and used different incident keys / dedup keys to create multiple Incidents (and due to Service config, one Alert per Incident) and time-based merging to automatically merge them together.

This isn’t what I wanted, because it’s the output of a batch job with various yes/no element results, so I’d have preferred to create one Incident for the batch job, with an Alert for each of the no element results.

The Synchronous API would be the way to do that, as it returns the Incident ID after creation, but you cannot create Alerts via that API.

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Thanks for the feedback! We will go ahead and submit feedback to our Product team around this.

If you ever have any feedback for us, feel free to post it here on our Community site, or you can email

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For future review, I just wanted to add, there’s another very similar worthwhile inquiry about this sort of thing:

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