Secondary schedule during work hours


I’ve looked through the docs, but can’t quite find what I want.

Basically, I would like to be able to receive alerts - hopefully with a lower priority/different notification options (No sad trombone!) - during work hours when I am not on call. For example, if my colleague is on call that week, I would still like to be able to respond to alerts in their stead, as during work hours we are both responsible for response calls.

I can keep the PagerDuty window open, but if one of us is working remotely (eg. my colleague is working from home), I may miss what has happened by the time the ack/resolve it.

Any ideas on this? The two parts to make this work for me would be:

  • A schedule that is only during work hours (Mon-Fri 7:30ish - 5ish)
  • A lower urgency alert

I’m also looking at managing this type of granular schedule via. the API, but it seems like a fundamental feature for the web interface.


Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out on our Community page. You mentioned that you have already read through some documentation on this but, it sounds like our Support Hours but I don’t believe this will really apply in your situation as this change is at the Service level and effects all users (including whos on call).

Let me know if I missed anything but I don’t believe this is supported right now and I would be happy to take a Feature Suggestion for our Schedules team to take a look at.

Kind regards,

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