Scheduled Maintenance Windows


(John) #1

I am trying to setup Maintenance Schedule with our Pager Duty subscription that should be permanently set to certain time(s) during the week.

I would like to know how someone has done this in the past with a simple time period on/off and which I can add service(s) in this maintenance schedule so that we do not received any notifications during this period.



(Paul) #2

At the moment, it isn’t possible to set up recurring maintenance windows through the PagerDuty web UI. However, we have a few custom scripts that allow you to set this up using our REST API. You can find an overview of the process and links to the scripts in this Knowledge Base article.

Another idea that might work for you would be to implement repeating gaps in your on-call schedule instead of using the script to set up recurring maintenance. Since incidents are not triggered when nobody is on-call, having gaps in your on-call schedule will prevent the service from triggering incidents during the desired window.

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