SAML SSO Config not Routing to Mobile App


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New to PD, attempting to utilize the mobile app w/ SAML 2.0 Config in place. SSO for desktop access works just fine, but when trying to log in with the identity provider on the mobile app, it loops me to a browser, where I click login with the identity provider and it just refreshes the same screen and nothing happens.

I’ve got several users who’ve tried w/ Android & Apple, no success. Have a case open w/ PD Support right now (170262). SAML 2.0 connects to our Slack App just fine, but seems like it’s not working w/ the PD App. What am I missing?

(Thomas Roach) #2

The behaviour you described sounds like a bug and is definitely unexpected. Ordinarily we’d have you uninstall the app, restart your phone, reinstall the app and attempt to login again, but I can see you’ve reached out via email to us, and our engineers are looking into it within that ticket, which is the only course of action we have in this instance given the initial troubleshooting has been performed.

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