RPM repo non-browsable?


(Iris Felshman) #1

Hey, I was just curious why the PagerDuty repo is non-browsable, if that’s a decision you’ve made? In the agent install guide it lists a base URL here where the RPMs are for the agent:
but actually going to https://packages.pagerduty.com/ or https://packages.pagerduty.com/pdagent/rpm/ seems to give a 404. Is this intended?
Just curious! :slight_smile: Thanks. I thought this might be a good community topic so anyone with the same question can know the answer and not have to wonder/tilt at windmills.

(Demitri Morgan) #2

The underlying HTTP server we use for our package server, Amazon S3, does not automatically generate directory indexes, and so our package repositories are not browsable.

This isn’t intentional per se, but it is endemic to our infrastructure, and addressing it is unfortunately not something in our immediate roadmap.

(Corey Quinn) #3

AWS themselves had a blog post on how to reasonably provide directory index pages a couple of weeks back; if you want to get more JavaScripty there are other options available.

(Jay Paige) #4

Hi Iris,

Since we currently do not offer this functionality, I would love to gather more information on the problem you are trying to solve and pass along your feedback to our Product team.

Can you please explain in more detail the pain you are experiencing, and how it will be solved by this request?

(Iris Felshman) #5

Hey Jay,

There isn’t a problem really that I’m solving here - I was merely curious. :slight_smile:

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