Rotating through schedules or escalation policies


(David Frick) #1


I’m trying to rotate through a different group of users for primary and secondary on-call every two weeks. (week 1-2 = Bob, Bill, Betty, Beulah, week3-4 = Joe, John, Jane, Judy)

Every two weeks I’d like to automatically switch to the next group for both primary and secondary.

Primary should rotate through each person for a couple of days (Bob for 2 days, then Bill for two days, etc.)

Secondary should go to everyone in the list (Bob + Bill + Betty + Beulah) all at the same time.

The catch is that at the end of two weeks, I want primary and secondary to automatically go to the next group (Joe, John, Jane, Judy).

Is this possible in Pagerduty?

(Clare Kaluzynski) #2

Hi David!

This sounds like it would be possible, though you’d need to have more than one schedule. For the primary schedule, you’d basically add all 8 users in rotation one after another, and set the shift length accordingly. I used a custom shift length of 3.5 days in this case (14days/4users).

For your secondary schedules, if you want each user to be notified individually, you’d create a schedule for each user. In this case, because you have two teams, you could create a set of paired schedules that switch between one member of team 1 and one member of team 2, for a total of 4 secondary schedules (Joe/Bob, John/Bill, Jane/Betty, and Judy/Beulah). Then, insert all the schedules into the second level of the escalation policy.

I’ve attached a couple screen shots for reference - if you need a different shift length, or if this also involves weekend rotations that might be a little different. Is this close to what you need?

(David Frick) #3

Thanks ck. This will achieve what I wanted to to.

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