Rotating a schedule between other schedules


(Dave Smith) #1

I have a service that is supported by multiple feature teams, each of which has a rotation of it’s own. Rather than create a new schedule for this service, I would like to rotate it weekly between the schedules of the of the existing teams. I’ve created a new escalation policy and schedule for this service, but it looks like the schedules only support adding individual users, rather than other schedules. Is that possible?

(Trish Watson) #2

Thank you for this feedback! We currently do not offer this functionality. However, I would love to gather more information on the problem you are trying to solve, and pass along your feedback to our Product team. Would you mind emailing sot hat we can create a feature request ticket for you?

(Nick Pirocanac) #3

We are also looking for this same feature, I sent in a support request for it.

As a work around, you could create dummy PD accounts for each team. The contact information on each account points to each of your existing team’s email escalation points. Then, you put each dummy account on a new schedule with a rotation as long as each team’s total rotation. Configure this escalation to close incidents when they are received.

When a new incident comes into the service for the dummy accounts, it will look at the schedule for the dummy accounts, pick the one that goes for the team on call, then send the PD alert to that account. The account will then hit the escalation for the target team, which will create a new incident for that team, which will then go to the current team member on that schedule.

I would like to request that until PD supports this feature that I can get free accounts to make this work.


(system) #4