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We’ve been testing the new slack integrations for some new teams we’ve created. During the tests we triggered a test alert for Team X to #Department-Incidents. We are able to ack, resv, add notes, etc… However, so were other team members not on call or on that team, but who are apart of that channel. Is there a way besides creating a new slack channel, to limit alert responses to those who are on call?

If not can we add this as a feature request? It would be helpful so teams don’t accidentally interfere with each others requests.


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Do the users that are not on call but apart of that channel have PagerDuty accounts that have permission to act on the PagerDuty incidents that trigger the Slack notification?

Also note that it’s possible to limit the actions that can take place on a Slack notification if you configure the Slack extension option of Actions available to: to the value of PagerDuty Users only. You can view this on step 6 of the integration guide.

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