Response Play API Endpoint


(Ian Auld) #1

I am trying to list and create Response Plays via the v2 REST API but am having some problems with auth. I am receiving an error that says:

	"error": "General access API tokens are not supported for this endpoint; please use a personal API token"

When looking at the docs it says that:

Users can create personal REST API keys on their User Settings page of the user profile. Keys created this way will provide access to the REST API that matches their user permissions.

But when visiting my user settings page I don’t see any option for generating a personal API key. Where should I be looking? I am set as an admin so I should be able to do this but can’t find it anywhere:

(Anton Van Oosbree) #2

Hi Ian,

There isn’t a public REST API endpoint for Response Plays yet (!/API_Reference/get_api_reference), which is a different issue than creating personal API keys.

Personal API keys require Advanced Permissions to be enabled. If you send in a note with your account details to we can take a closer look.

(Ian Auld) #3

Thanks for the reply. Any info on when those endpoints will be made public? Trying to automate creation of PagerDuty resources for my dev teams and being able to automatically create response plays for them would be supremely helpful.

Thanks again!

(Anton Van Oosbree) #4

No ETA on when those will be public.

(system) #5