Regarding Urgency Field


We are using the Rest API. We saw that we can not change urgency from UI but it is possible using REST API. Let me correct if there is an option to change Urgecy from UI.

Additionally, if we change the urgency using API, that is giving the following old and new value in log entries :
“new_urgency”: 2
What does this 6 and 2 mean? How to get the Urgency Name from the Id? or Id from the Urgency Name?

Let me know if any information is required.

Thank You


HI Sonal,

Correct, you cannot change it via the UI. If the Service allows i.e. if there is grouping/or there is deduplication involved you can move the Urgency upward, but only upward, and only when another Alert is brought into the Incident.

You can read up more on this here.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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