Receiving "Sorry that didn't work! To ack, resolve or add notes to PagerDuty Incidents from slack, link your accounts"

Hi, I have setup PD to write incidents to my private channel, works as expected.

Issue - However, when I attempt to acknowledge or resolve the incident from my cell phone using the slack app, it fails, saying, my accounts are not linked.

Checking my profile in Pagerduty, clearly shows my PD account is linked to slack. I believe this is not an issue with Pagerduty but possibly with slack? as all of this works using either slack or pagerduty from my laptop. It also works perfectly fine, using my pagerduty app on my cell phone. I had a few other co-workers test the same, seems to work fine for them from their own cell phones! Using an iPhone 8 with latest slack and pagerduty apps.


Hi Dawud,

Can you confirm that you’re logged into Slack as the same user on your Slack mobile app as you have linked to your PagerDuty account and that you’re also signed in as on your laptop?

thanks Malcolm, will do additional tests tomorrow, and respond back.
I need to have another conversation with our slack admin. just to confirm a few minor details!

i resolved this issue.
I had to unlink my slack account from my profile in pagerduty and relink again from my cell phone. Once that was done, everything works as expected when using my cell phone.

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