Questions about PagerDuty Add-on for Jira Cloud features : create alert for MOVE tickets & resolve alert from JIRA


(Thomas Papougnot) #1

Dear community,

We use PagerDuty to create teams alerts depending on jira’s tickets fields, but we are missing some features to totally cover our use cases.

Numerous jira’s webhooks are configured to handle cases, but some can’t be created because JQL has restrictions : We generates PD alerts when tickets are created in a specific jira’s project, but we can’t create a PD alert if a ticket is MOVED in this project, because JQL doesn’t work with MOVE option.

I was wondering if the new add-on could cover this use case by another way to trigger alerts between jira and PagerDuty.

Also we would like to synchronize tickets and alerts in a way that alerts are automatically resolved by an action on a ticket (like a comment or a transition) .

I can’t find some clear documentation about these points, could you help me know if it’s possible and how ?

Thanks a lot !

(Sean Higgins) #2

Hi Thomas,

I’m the product manager here at PagerDuty responsible for our Atlassian integrations.

Based on what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like you are using Jira Server. If you configure a JQL statement in the PagerDuty Jira Integration, a PagerDuty incident will get created if this criteria is met on Issue creation or Issue update. I tested this in my instance and this did work.

Here’s what I tested – please confirm if this is your workflow:

  1. Create a mapping between PagerDuty and Jira for a project called “Database” (in Jira, the key is DB)
  2. In this configuration, I defined the JQL statement for auto-incident creation to be project = DB AND status in ("In Progress", "To Do")
  3. Create a test issue in another project. For example, I created one in our “Networking” project. When I create the issue, it does not have a corresponding PagerDuty incident.
  4. I then moved the Issue from “Networking” to “Database”. It now has the issue key “DB-07”.
  5. When I moved the Issue, the issue met the JQL criteria and a PagerDuty incident was created successfully, for the new “DB-07” issue.

Is this the workflow you are looking to support?

There is an open Jira Server Bug that you might be running into. In some cases, the “update” webhook is NOT firing from Jira. PagerDuty depends on this webhook. You can read more about that bug here:

Regarding syncing tickets and PagerDuty incidents – it is possible to sync the states. You can map PagerDuty Triggered, Acknowledged and Resolved to different Jira ticket states. This functionality exists in the integration today.

I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


(Thomas Papougnot) #3

Hello Sean and thanks a lot for your help.

I confirm that we use the Cloud version :slight_smile:

Indeed the webhook you defined will create an incident when a ticket is moved, but it will also create one for every update on tickets matching this rule, and I can’t find a way to limitate the triggering… Jira should allow a way to listen to only one field update, but it is very tricky for them and I don’t think we’ll see that before years.
Anyway, it’s an issue with Jira, not PagerDuty, I was hoping that the new PagerDuty add-on for Atlassian could solve that but it seems not.

Concerning a way to resolve incident from an action on a jira’s ticket, it is already working when a ticket is transitionned to the status DONE, but I didn’t find a way to make another configuration. For instance, I would like alerts to be resolved when a ticket is assigned, or transitionned to IN PROGRESS status.

I would point out that I don’t use mail integration to trigger alerts, only webhooks. Also, I tried the add-on but unstalled it as it displays PagerDuty block in all tickets. I will take a look again when we’ll be able to configure it by project.

Have a great friday


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