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Hi - question on pushing/pausing a schedule. We have a week at the end of December where, instead of our regular scheduled rotation for 8ish folks (where one person would be stuck that entire week), we are thinking let’s just have one person from the rotation work each day. It is easy enough to schedule overrides for that week, but then… the person originally scheduled that week would miss their ‘opportunity’ :). That in and of itself isn’t a deal-breaker, but… it would be nice to preserve the existing schedule and essentially ‘push’ it a week forward, so that person would be on call the week following and it would continue on as originally planned… aka “so he wouldn’t lose his place in line and the line would stay the same.” Is there an easy way to do that?

I know you can remove the schedule from the escalation policy and re-add later, but I don’t know if that preserves it from its current state, or if it would start at the top and work down again, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer.

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Hi Stephan,

Thanks for reaching out!

To clarify, removing a schedule from an escalation policy simply means it won’t be associated to it anymore. If no changes are made, it will preserve the current state of the schedule and keep moving through the users on the schedule.

My suggestion for you would be:

  1. Make a special Holiday schedule for the week in December and have it set to a daily rotation of the 8 users.
  2. Once that week comes up, remove the current schedule from the Escalation Policy and replace with the new Holiday schedule.
  3. Within the current schedule, click edit and adjust the “Changes should take effect at” date so that the user that was supposed to be on-call for the holiday week will be set to start after the holiday week is done.
  4. After the holiday week is over, simply replace the Holiday schedule in the Escalation Policy with the original schedule!

Here are a few articles from our Knowledge Base with some additional information:

Please let us know if you have anymore questions or if we can help clarify any of the steps above!

(Stephan Parker) #3

Thanks Crystal - I think this should work for our needs!

(Simon Fiddaman) #4

An alternate method (possibly more cumbersome) is to edit the schedule some time before the week in question and repeat someone (or right at the cusp, move the person exiting the roster back to the top) and set overrides for the week.

Advantage: no second schedule to maintain.
Disadvantage: you’re setting your manual overrides for each day, and making changes that either have to be reversed or made on the cusp of the week in question.

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