Querying for Web-hooks belonging to a specific schema_id

The API reference is not able to get extensions filtered on a specific extension_schema_id. I am trying to find any V4.0 extensions on my account and the list returns all the extensions even after providing the V4.0 schema_id in the query.

Is there a different/better way to do this ?

Hi Sasikanth,

I’m afraid to say this is a bug that I was able to find a report of. The extension_schema parameter is currently not working on this endpoint. I can update you here when the bug gets marked as Done, but the community post may close before that happens which would prevent me from being able to. If you’d like to get an email update when the bug gets fixed, please feel free to reach out to Support so that we can link that ticket to the bug too, which we will definitely be able to get back to you on with updates.

You can reference this Community Post in the email to us if you’d like for us to locate the issue more quickly

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