Query Incident Details


(David Coleman) #1

Hi, I need to query PagerDuty to obtain detailed information from the incident. I would like to pull all of the information possible, including subject and data that is stored in customer fields (perhaps called Details). One other constraint is that I don’t have python or curl installed on my computer (windows). Thank you !

(Clare Kaluzynski) #2

Hi David,

If you want to try querying your account’s incident data using the REST API, we have some examples of how to do that on this page using Ruby, JavaScript, and Go - are any of those alternatives are available to you?

A couple more resources that you might check out:
Ruby Example
PHP Example


(David Coleman) #3

Clare, I may have javascript as an alternative. Thank you for the link and suggestion !

(Demitri Morgan) #4

Hi Dave,

If you’re looking for the original trigger data, have you tried using the log entries part of the REST API?

As for the retrieval itself, Postman is another nice tool you can use for making arbitrary HTTP requests.

(system) #5