Push notification received but always silent (no vibrate or sound)


I receive push notifications on my phone, but they arrive silently which means i miss them! They do not vibrate, or emit sound. (ideally I would like to set up a custom sound for them as I could on a previous version of Android, but any sound would be better than none!). My phone is HUAWEI P smart with Android 8.0.0

Silent mode is off
Do not disturb is off
Vibrate in silent mode is On
Vibrate when ringing is On
Default notification sound is Silent (I do not want notification sound for all app notifications!!)
High urgency Override Do Not Disturb is Enabled
High-Urgency Override System Volume is Enabled
Ringtone and Vibrate are both On in PD Notifications settings for all urgencies

Has anyone else had this happen or can anyone help?


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Hi Barbara,

When say Silent mode is off and Do not disturb mode is off - do you mean that your phone is set to full volume and you still don’t receive push notifications from PagerDuty?

I’d also like to guide you to our extensive guides on troubleshooting notification issues in Android.

If the guides do not help, could you please let us know which specific steps you have tried and which state (vibrate on, full volume, Do not Disturb etc… )your phone is on when you don’t receive the sound for a push notification?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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