Pulling Live Call Routing numbers using API

Is it possible to pull Live Call Routing numbers using the API? We currently have a slack bot that can pull the on-call for different schedules. We would like to be able to pull the LCR numbers as well. I looked through the rest-api docs but I didn’t see anything related to the LCR add-on.

Thank you!

Hi Justin,

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to list these numbers out using any straight forward REST API call. We do have some /addons endpoints but if you use the Get an add-on endpoint to get your Live Call Routing add on, or any other add on, your response body would just be like the below example:

  "addon": {
    "id": "P95TG8I",
    "type": "full_page_addon",
    "summary": "Live Call Routing",
    "self": "https://api.pagerduty.com/addons/P95TG8I",
    "html_url": null,
    "name": "Live Call Routing",
    "src": "https://pd-live-call-routing.herokuapp.com/account/subdomain/3R-GsxTTziNqDsPDmkHIma",
    "services": []

Please consider your feedback in seeing more details in such /addon responses noted though! We can apprecaite the description of your use case as well

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