Prometheus To PadgerDuty To Jira

Hi guys, i have a question regarding integrations

We have a prometheus, monitoring endpoint on the web,
When endpoint is not reachable, it creates an incident in PagerDuty, with no Priority set in it
PagerDuty crates a ticket in Jira Server,

But no priority is set in JIra ticket either

but we need the priority to be P1 - Highest in jira ticket

How can we achieve this ?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Evgeniy,

Thanks for reaching out on community forums! I have taken a look at your settings but I will need some more details which will be account Sensitive, so we don’t want you to share it in a public space.

Can you raise this with our support team, along with some examples of Incidents that did not trigger as you’d intended.

Kind regards,

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