Problem with email integration



Based on email integration, I have setup it to accept all incoming email. and even if do not match all rules, create a generic alert.
Besides, add two rules that one for trigger incident, another for resolve incident. It works well before. but few days ago, an incident can be triggered, but can not be auto resolved per recovered email, and cannot trigger a new incident. can someone help me on this? thank you
email subjects:
[Interface Alert] Interface Serial0/1/1:0 - Se0/1/1:0 on node *** is Down.
[Interface Recovered] Interface Serial0/1/1:0 - Se0/1/1:0 on node *** is Up

note: there is someone oncall in the services.and the service is not being disabled or under maintenance mode.

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Hi Chantalz,

Thanks for the message! From what I can see you have your deduplication key set up to be all text between “Interface” and “is”. Is this the same rule that you have set up for your Trigger rule?

If it is, the Trigger email event would have a dedupe key of Alert] Interface Serial0/1/1:0 - Se0/1/1:0 on node ***, and so the Resolve email event would have to match this.

However, based on your example, the resolve has the dedupe key: Recovered] Interface Serial0/1/1:0 - Se0/1/1:0 on node ***, which is different from the trigger. Because they are different, PagerDuty doesn’t understand that the resolve event needs to be applied to that trigger; the Trigger and Resolve must have the same dedupe key to work correctly together.

If you’re still running into any issues with this, feel welcome to reach out to our support team at so that we can take a look in your account and give you some more customized help.


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