preview_stakeholders account ability is required

For the past week, every time I go into an incident in the iOS app, I get an error that states “Required abilities are unavailable” - “The preview_stakeholders account ability is required to access incident subscription feature”.

I’m an admin on our account, but not a stakeholder.

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Hey Robert! We’re happy to take a look at this for you. Can you please send an email to with the screenshot of the error you’re experiencing?

I am also experiencing the same issue as Rob. I just submitted a screenshot via email as requested.

Same. Doesn’t happen on my Android app but happens on iOS. Ticket #209278.

Hi all,

Thanks again for reaching out to us about this!

If others see this issue, please feel free to reach out to

Hi all,

I’m just following up with an update here - our engineers are aware of this issue and they are currently working to resolve it. We’ll update this thread once we receive confirmation of a solution!

Im getting the same issue as well. IOS 12.4 iPhone XS

Thanks, Bradley - our engineering team is currently working on a fix for this. We’ll let you know once the solution has been applied.

Im getting the same error as well/ IOS 12.4 iPhone XS

Any word on a fix for this? I can’t resolve incidents after 30 minutes they are escalated to our director.

Pager duty app version 5.62
iPhone xs 12.4

Hi Shelli,

Our engineers have confirmed that fix should be available with the next app update. We’ll update the thread here once this has been released.

However, the error should not affect the ability to ack or resolve incidents within the mobile app. If you are seeing issues with this, please reach out to so that we may take a look at the behavior you’re seeing.