Powerful PagerDuty Integrations and Workflows by YellowAnt


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YellowAnt’s integration with PagerDuty allows you to do the following within your Slack/MS Teams account:

Acknowledge an incident
Add note to an incident
Create an incident
Create a Webhook
Get alerts for an incident
Get details of an incident
Get a schedule
Get all the schedules
List on-call users
Resolve an incident

Furthermore, you can get a notification in your desired Slack/Teams channel when:

An incident is acknowledged
Incident is assigned
Incident is delegated
Incident is escalated
Incident is resolved
Incident is triggered
Incident is unacknowldged

You can send information to/from PagerDuty from any app using no-code workflows by YellowAnt.
Here’s a sample:

Escalate PagerDuty incidents to Jira and Slack channel with YellowAnt

There are numerous apps on our marketplace you can connect PagerDuty to. Find them on our marketplace(https://yellowant.yellowant.com/dashboard/applications/).

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